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Whatever your motivation the simple fact is children will flourish in so many aspects of their lives and the sooner they begin their bilingual journey the easier it is and the faster and greater the results will be.

So thank you for downloading Seven Reasons Why Your Child Should Be Bilingualin which we take a professional look at some powerful reasons why learning another language will benefit your children and whatever your motivation, I hope you find this e-book helpful.


“Amazing dedication and professionalism”

‘My three children LOVE going to VICI! I cannot believe how keen they are to go to class each week and most of all, my heart melts when I hear them speaking French amongst themselves… Thank you VICI, you are running such a wonderful facility for Newbury’

Sam Lambert , Mother of Charlie, Robbie & Bella

– Are you bilingual and want the same for your children?

– Do you have a home abroad meaning learning the language is essential for your children?

– Do you feel the lasting benefits of learning another language are vast for your children?

– Do you want the very best opportunities for your children?

– Did you struggle to learn a language at school and want better for your children?

– Are you worried your children are not thriving with languages at school?

if you have imagined your children becoming bilingual and are ready to take the next step with the VICI Language Academy then just request your FREE ebook now!

Until next time,
Nathalie Danon
Academy Director